It’s dangerous to “Box” people in at the workplace and expect that they will think, behave and have similar patterns as previous generations. For example, many people would assume that today’s teenagers (Gen “Z”) would never go to shopping malls since the Millennials have shunned them.

“There’s always been this assumption that as you go through the age spectrum, the younger consumer that has grown up with online and digital and is very savvy would shun physical experiences,” Said Neil Saunders (Analyst/ GlobalData Retail). “But actually that’s not turned out to be the case where that in 2018 around 95% of teenagers have visited a physical shopping center in a three month period.”

The problem with making assumptions at the workplace is that it creates a manufactured reality which isn’t based on truth and being in the moment, rather, it is based on our assumptions.  A manufactured reality is a recipe for disaster when it comes to culture which includes conflict, drama, wasted energy, and decreased morale.

What is your office environment like?  Is there tension between the different generations and age groups?  If the answer is “Yes” part of the issue could be the way we think and the assumptions we make at the workplace.

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Photo by Psk Slayer on Unsplash