“Smash the Box”- Funny Bone 

Easton Town Center- Columbus, Ohio

Conquering FEAR begins here!  Conquer your FEAR by performing a 1-3 minute stand up routine at the world famous “Funny Bone at Easton.”  We don’t care if you bomb your routine, fail, or aren’t funny.  Rather, it is about the experience of facing your fears head on and overcoming them.  Once you overcome your fear you can begin advancing in your career, starting your own business, discovering your passions and joy in life, and living the life you want to live.   Don’t allow fear to control your life anymore!

During the first hour, you will hear famed motivational speaker, Chad J. Willett will deliver his unique keynote address- “Smash the Box.”  You will learn the 4 techniques needed to not only think outside the box of life… But Smashing it both in your personal and professional life.

During the second hour, you will have the option to perform a short stand-up routine on the Funny Bone stage (1- 3 minutes)*.  Remember, you can’t fail at this event!


Hour #1

Keynote Address: Chad J. Willett’s presentation of “Smash the Box.”  Learn the 4 techniques needed to “Smash the Box” both in your personal and professional life.

Hour #2

“Smash the Box” Experience: Create a 1-5 minute stand-up routine to perform for the crowd.

*Performing your routine is purely optional… You can sit and watch the others perform and share in the laughter.

Participants Receive:

1. The 4 techniques needed to “Smash the Box” both in your personal and professional lives

2. Opportunity to “Smash the Box” by performing a short 1-5 minute stand-up routine- Performing is optional

3. Signed copies of Chad’s book, “Smash the Box” – (No table of contents, no page numbers, and pages upside down)

*Guest speaker at the event includes Bobby Foreman talking about “RMA”- Right Mental Attitude.