“Smash the Box” On Your Next Presentation!

Presentation Skills Training Workshop

Date: June 8, 2019 (9:00 am- 3:00 pm)

Registration: CLICK HERE

Chad J. Willett (TEDx/ NSA/ SAG-AFTRA) trains managers, directors, and CEO’s to “Smash the Box” on their next presentation by using his professional speaking and acting background to ignite and inspire your audiences.  During this interactive and immersive workshop you will improve your confidence, physicality, and ability to improvise and think on your feet when you are in front of a live audience.  Finally, this workshop focuses on the way we think, look, and deliver a message all of which will have a big impact on your presentation skills.

“Smash the Box” Workshop Focuses On:

  • Mindsets (Think)– Getting in an attack “Mindset” where you move away from the podium and leave the PowerPoint presentation behind
  • Gestures (Look)– Reducing the number of gestures you make which muddles the message and confuses your audience
  • Owning your space (Look)– Taking command of your space by planting your feet and speaking directly to your audience
  • Define Your Enemy (Deliver)– By having a common enemy (Cause/ Competitor/ Concept) you can rally the troops which creates energy and excitement
  • Single Point Message (Deliver)– Creating a single point message in your presentation will give you clarity and focus as you present
  • Improvisation (Deliver)– Using improvisational techniques to keep your audience engaged, in the moment, and entertained

Course Materials:

  • “Dynamic Presentations*” Class Manual- A manual which will help you write your next presentation using Chad’s single point message
  • Smash the Box*” Signed Book- Learn how to create a “Smash the Box” mindset
  • Video Recording- Your 3-5 minute “practice” talk will be filmed for self-review.  It will be shared with you on a private YouTube link and it is meant strictly for educational purposes


Dublin Entrepreneurial Center

565 Metro Place South/ Suite #300

Dublin, Ohio 43017