“Smash the Box” Live Event- Fighter Jets

The next fighter jet you see flying in the air know that we are protected by incredible men and women who are sharp, fearless, and have a hunger to think and act different then their enemy. I spoke to the Ohio Air National Guard who know that creativity and innovation hinge on one’s ability to…

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Creativity Is The New Currency, How Are You Mining It?

An idea to begin the mining process at your company: Prototyping- When your next “Brainstorming Session” ends, and you generate a disruptive idea begin building a prototype of that idea.  The prototype can be “rough,” and it can be made quickly from cardboard, plastic, Play-Doh, or any other item at your office. Doing a prototype…

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“ROI- Return on Ideas”

Your next “Unplanned Collaboration” could net your company a massive ROI! We must dismantle the concept of a “Board room” or a “Meeting Room” is the only place where ideas are generated and executed upon (ROI- Return of Ideas). Yes, idea generation can happen in these rooms but they can also be generated in hallways,…

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“The CEO’s of the Future”

“Much of the success of life depends upon keeping one’s mind open to opportunity and seizing it when it comes.”  Alice Foote MacDougall, Entrepreneur As we begin 2023 here are some opportunities all of us are given: Engagement- Are we going to engage with clients, co-workers, and customers in person, hybrid, virtually, or telepathically?  How…

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“Innovation Plan”

Many companies are able to generate new, original, and disruptive ideas for their industries that could (If executed) improve their product, enhance their service or disrupt their industry. Yet, for most organizations, these ideas never leave the meeting room, rather, they die on their white board as they get erased. In order to get ideas…

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“Smash the Box” (YouTube Channel)- One Shot

Chad interviews Todd Whiteman (Superintendent of Foxfire Schools) where he talks about the two most important moments in your life which tie into Eminem’s quote.

“The Curtain of Life”

As the lead actor in your play of life, be big, be bold, and be remembered! The minute you wake up each day the “Curtain of Life” raises and the play of life begins! For some of us this includes going into work, others working remotely, and others going to school or staying at home…

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“CQ” stands for Creative Intelligence and hinges on two crucial factors for leaders who innovate at the workplace: #1- Idea Generation: Leaders that have the ability to come up with new ideas, solutions, and problem solving capabilities. #2- Execution: Leaders who can take an idea (s) and put it into practice with an innovation plan. If…

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Ideas = Revenue

In the meeting room, no one knows exactly who is going to come up with the next “great idea” regarding a product, service, process or a procedure. While, often times the person who comes up with that “game changing” idea is the person you would least expect it to come from according to their title,…

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Live Experiences versus the “Metaverse”

A major SHIFT is happening in the world which is called the “Metaverse” where one’s experiences are in a 3-D virtual environment. While, successful business leaders are the one’s who are able to see the Shifts happening and adjust their businesses accordingly. At our business, Broadway2LA Acting Studio, LLC, we want our student’s experiences to…

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“Brain Power”

The creative minds in each organization ranges from “Baby Boomers,” “Generation X,” “Generation Y,” “Millennials,” to “Generation Z.” What are we doing to capture their ideas in the meeting room? *Quote- By Ed Catmull in “Creativity, Inc.”