12 Sessions- Virtually & In Person

An “Innovation Plan” turns disruptive ideas into realities!

The “Innovation Plan” team will design a plan for your organization focusing on these 5 phases which include:

Phase I- Discovery- Asking the right question is crucial to discovering a new product or service for your organization.

Phase II- Idea Generation- Next, we will generate disruptive ideas by suspending judgment, saying “Yes And” and giving everyone a voice in the meeting room.

Phase III: The “Incubator:” We will store your team members winning ideas using our “Good,” “Great” and “Disruptive” categories.

Phase IV: The “TEST”- We will test your winning ideas for uniqueness, functionality, and return on investment.  

Phase V- Execution- We will customize a strategy specifically for your organization to put your winning ideas (s) into action through various prototyping techniques, storyboarding, and our “Fail Fast” methodology.


  1. The “Innovation Plan” Manual
  2. The “Innovation Plan” sticky notes
  3. Books- “Smash the Box” and “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror”

*Contact Chad to schedule your free consultation (30 minute “Teams” conference call) and learn how he can customize an Innovation Plan for your organization.