Many companies have a business plan; however, few have an innovation plan!

During this full day immersive workshop, Chad will design an “Innovation Plan” for your organization with a focus on the “Smash the Box” techniques and platform which will be executed in 3 phases:

Phase I- Discovery- Asking the right questions is crucial to unleashing innovation at the workplace.

Phase II- Idea Generation (Say “Yes And”- “Smash the Box” Technique)- The goal here is to get as many ideas as possible up on the “White Board” from all your team members.

Phase III- Execution- Customizing a strategy specifically for your organization to put the idea (s) into action.

Contact Chad to schedule your free consultation (30 minute “Teams” conference call) and learn how he can customize an Innovation Plan for your organization.


  1. The “Innovation Plan” Manual
  2. The “Innovation Plan” sticky notes
  3. Books- “Smash the Box” and “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror”