At our acting studio, Broadway2LA, we are consciously feeding “YESTERDAY” and “TOMORROW.”

For example, we continue to feed “YESTERDAY” by keeping our kids (8-12), teens (13-17), and adult (18+) divisions separated and using the same format on classes in the winter, spring, summer and fall.

However, we fed “TOMORROW” by completely overhauling our acting showcase experience for our kids, teens, and adult students.

In the past, students used to do live performances at our acting showcase for friends, family, and industry professionals.

Now, we film our students during weeks 6 & 7, edit the videos, and play them up on the big screen at the theatre during the showcase. We went from live performances to showing our students film scenes up on the big movie screen.

In the end, businesses that thrive are the ones that feed “YESTERDAY” and “TOMORROW.” #smashthebox #culturesofinnovation #innovationplans