Rip Out the Rear View Mirror

It’s time to stop looking back, having regrets, and trying to change the past. This is time we will never get back and the more we focus on the past the less we are focused on the here and now. What is your biggest regret? What do you wish you could have over? Imagine how…

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Inspiration vs. Desperation?

The times I get the most done, cross things off my “To Do” list, come from inspiration, not desperation. Inspiration is what drives us, gives us energy. It is why we get up early in the morning and work out, arrive first to work, and focus our energies at the task on hand. Some say…

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Where your focus goes… Energy flows!

Where your focus goes… Energy flows*! What do you focus on during your day- work, “to do” lists, entertainment, news, politics, stock market or a combination of these? Most importantly, is what you are focusing on meaningful, impactful, and rewarding? Over the past two years I have tried to be laser focused on my businesses-…

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Labels- Holding us Captive

The words we use to describe ourselves is powerful and has a direct impact on our confidence, self-esteem and mindset. Many of us receive labels from our days in schools which could include: • Loser • Class Clown • Underachiever • Bully • Victim • Weak • Nerd The question we need to ask ourselves…

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Unbalance= Success

I had an “Unplanned Collaboration” with Ken Lazar (Principal) at Ability Professional Staffing and he said: “People who strive for balance in their lives are boring.” “Balance is over-rated.” “People who place total energies in either their work life or personal life for short periods of time do REMARKABLE things.” Balance is a powerful word…

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Contrarians “Smash the Box”

Contrarian thinkers question, debate, and challenge conventional wisdom. They have a greater chance of breaking free from the herd mentality by taking the opposite sides of issues, taking risks, and allowing him or herself to think and act different. Contrarian thinkers are trailblazers in business. They are the polarizing visionaries who are just as likely…

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The Bricks Keep People Out

Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon gave a presentation called, the “Last Lecture” when he was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. During the presentation he talks about how bricks (barriers) keep people from achieving their dreams. A question he poses to us is how bad do you want it? Those who want…

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Search Engine Mindset

Search Engine Mentality

Our thought processes are shaped by our search engine tendencies. What you search for on Google/ Facebook or any other online site tracks our every movement and puts together an algorithm of our tendencies. For example, if you like to buy gold coins and visit those websites you will see banner ads on your social…

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I talked to a company this week about creating a culture of innovation in the workplace and Alethephobia- being scared of the truth. During that address we did a Q & A session and I asked the audience why are we scared to have truthful and honest discussions with co-workers, managers, friends and family? Here…

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Conquer fear

Mindsets- “Attack”

I had a guest instructor at my acting studio this past weekend and he told my actors to “Attack:” Attack the script, get in character, be loud, and don’t hide from the audience. It is all about a mindset, when we attack our situation more times than not we are going to come out with…

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Think Different

Fierce Conversations- Politics

In today’s politically charged environment I thought it was fitting to do a “Fierce Conversations*” blog. Fierce Conversations is about having those difficult conversations we avoid, the one’s we don’t want to have and put off. When we avoid these conversations communication breaks down, resentment grows, productivity suffers, loyalty wanes and relationships crumble. We know…

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Go to Mars

“Choose to go to the Moon”

President John F. Kennedy taught us to dream, to think bigger than our current situation, and make bold choices. JFK motivated his citizens to do the unthinkable and unimaginable which included going to the moon. All of us can have our own “Moon” experience if we: 1. Set goals- Create big, bold and audacious goals…

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