Conquer fear

Mindsets- “Attack”

I had a guest instructor at my acting studio this past weekend and he told my actors to “Attack:” Attack the script, get in character, be loud, and don’t hide from the audience. It is all about a mindset, when we attack our situation more times than not we are going to come out with…

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Go to Mars

“Choose to go to the Moon”

President John F. Kennedy taught us to dream, to think bigger than our current situation, and make bold choices. JFK motivated his citizens to do the unthinkable and unimaginable which included going to the moon. All of us can have our own “Moon” experience if we: 1. Set goals- Create big, bold and audacious goals…

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Energy= Success

One’s energy, not financial position, will determine one’s success. We all want to be around people who have good energy, who make us feel good about ourselves and others during our interaction. The more positive energy people have, the more success they will have in business, relationships and at work. Think about the people you…

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“I Am the Greatest”- Power of Words

Muhammad Ali said “I am the greatest” and he was the champ! When Interviewed, Ali said he kept telling himself and others that he is the “greatest” hoping that it would come true someday. And sure enough it did, but where the power lies are the words he used to describe himself: greatest, champ, butterfly,…

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Motivational Speaker

We Know About the “Why”… What About the “Want”

Simon Sinek made knowing your “Why” very popular during his TED Talk presentation. Recently, I also heard a gentleman at Toastmasters International give a talk on his “Why” and how it changed his life. I want to go one step further, the “Why” is important but just as important is the “Want.” What do we…

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Pattern Disruptors

Many people live a life filled with structure, predictability, and endless amount of patterns and routines. Patterns and routines lead to predictability, comfortability and complacency… Only when we disrupt our patterns and routines do we change our perspectives, generate new ideas and find our forgotten passions. Recently, I took a trip overseas with my wife…

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No Regrets

I have had successes and failures in life, however, in my early twenties I wrote down that I didn’t want to have regrets. I still wish I could do some things over, however, I have chased my dreams and pursued my passions over the last two decades which includes operating an acting studio and motivational…

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Smash the Box

“Clothes Make the Man”

As you gather this holiday season, take a glance at what people are wearing at the airports, family gatherings or around the dinner table. How many men/women will you see dressed up; clothes ironed/ pressed, shoes shined, hair, make up, and all that goes into one’s wardrobe? I would draw a connection between the men/women…

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Self-Worth= Net Worth

When my bank account is low on funds I take it personal and I think there is something wrong with me. I ask myself why don’t I make more money? Am I lazy? Am I not working hard enough? All these questions go through my mind and I begin to doubt my talents, abilities, and…

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Dreams vs. Needs

Sonya Manchanda, a co-founder of Idiom, said, “Ask people about their needs, and they will give you a long list, one that varies from day to day and week to week. Ask people about their dreams and they’ll give you just one answer, maybe two. It’s not a list but a revealing look into what…

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Turn the Page

We all have that page that is extremely difficult to turn in life, that weighs us down, and is left open. The page we can’t turn includes our regrets, and more specifically, the memory with the most guilt. The more guilt we have associated with a memory the harder it is to turn that page….

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Super Objectives

In the world of acting, knowing what your character wants (objective) is crucial when preparing a role. A character’s actions will align with their objectives, whatever their wants and needs are, their actions will follow. This holds true not only in the craft of acting, but in life. I met an individual last week who…

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