During your next presentation “Raise the Stakes” on your audience.  “Raising the Stakes” is taking the audience’s takeaways from your presentation and elevating them. For example, when I present “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror,” I want audiences to create a “Through Line” in their life which is built on their short-term goals (Objectives) and long term goal (Super Objective).

However, this isn’t enough, I haven’t raised the stakes.  I “Raise the Stakes” by saying if you don’t have a “Through Line” in your life you will go from job to job and career to career because you haven’t defined your short term and long term goals.

Your energies will be wasted on the past which can’t be changed or on the future which hasn’t even happened yet.  Therefore, I ask the audience how do they want to spend their days: Regretting the past, worrying about the future, or in the present creating their “Through Line” in life?

Remember, if you don’t “Raise the Stakes” and just present material that is how it will be received by your audience- as everyday information. However, if you want to connect to your audience and make an impact try “Raising the Stakes.”

Are you ready to “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” and forget the past, stop anticipating the future, and live for the “Now?”

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Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash