A major SHIFT is happening in the world which is called the “Metaverse” where one’s experiences are in a 3-D virtual environment. While, successful business leaders are the one’s who are able to see the Shifts happening and adjust their businesses accordingly.

At our business, Broadway2LA Acting Studio, LLC, we want our student’s experiences to be in person, live, and organic (Opposite the “Metaverse”). For example, on November 6, 2021 we filmed our students at their “Fall Talent Agent & Casting Director Showcase” which included students taking a limousine ride over to the theater, seeing themselves up on the big movie screen, and then going out to the red carpet to take pictures.

Business owners know that the “Metaverse” is out there and gaining traction each and everyday. However, the question businesses need to ask themselves is are we choosing to give our clients and customers a live experience or a virtual experience (“Metaverse”), or both? For many businesses the answer is both- Virtual and Live.

What is your business strategy for the “Metaverse?”