Ed Catmull’s (Co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios) talks about using a “Braintrust” group in his book “Creativity Inc.” which is:

“A safe arena in which to solicit and interpret candid responses to developed projects.”

At Pixar Animation Studios they allow their writers and directors to submit their work to an independent team (Braintrust) who has no authority over the group where they receive candid feedback on the story, characters, and character development.

The group consist of people- directors, writers, and heads of story- whose only requirement is that they display a knack for storytelling.  This “Braintrust” has been crucial in the success of “Toy Story,” Inside Out,” “The Incredible,” “Finding Nemo,” and countless other Pixar movies over the years.

Creativity must start somewhere, and the ability to accept candid feedback is how good ideas become great, how average products become superior, and how satisfactory customer service becomes exceptional.  Creativity hinges on the ability to share one’s ideas freely and openly, hearing all opinions, and being open to criticism.

Conversely, creativity is stifled when ideas are censored, people are defensive, or fighting for their point of view, rather, than what is in the best interest of the creative process.

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