“Smash the Box” “Creative Leadership Consulting

“Smash the Box” Creative Leadership Consulting is passionate about training its leaders to think, look, and act like creative leaders at the workplace and it all starts with asking the right questions, idea generating, and putting those ideas into practice.  When this happens your group will begin “Smashing the Box” at the workplace which includes:

  • Game Changing “Why” Questions- Questions can come from anybody in an organization who challenge fundamental assumptions.
  • Imagining Alternative Possibilities/ “What If”- When employees are challenged to think differently in regards to their job, responsibilities, and daily routines by engaging and using their imagination.
  • The Action Stage of Inquiry/ “How”- Your team will ask themselves how do I take the first steps in giving form to my idea.

Examples of companies asking game changing “Why” Questions:

  • After being socked with exorbitant late fees on his Blockbuster video rentals, Netflix’s founder, Reed Hastings, famously wondered, WHY should I have to pay these late fees?
  • Pandora’s founder, Tim Westergren, a former band musician, observed all the talented-yet-struggling musicians he knew and wondered WHY it was so difficult for them to connect with the audience they deserved.
  • Airbnb’s co-founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, couldn’t understand WHY people coming to San Francisco at certain times of year had so much trouble finding a place to stay—even though there were available bedrooms and sofas in apartments and homes all over town.
  • Nest’s founder, Tony Fadell, looked at a mundane everyday household product—the thermostat—and wondered, WHY hasn’t somebody improved this thing?

*Questions of “Why,” “What If,” and “How” come from Warren Berger and his book, “A More Beautiful Question.”  


“Smash the Box” Creative Leadership Consulting designs and leads processes that partner with the organization’s staff to strengthen the leadership and allows cultures of innovation to happen on a daily basis.  This includes a customized workshop using the “Why,” “What If,” and “How” techniques combined with the improvisational principles used in “Smash the Box.”

*Picture by- Isabella-Mann- Machado (Unsplash.com)