Chad J. Willett is working with his clients on creating virtual keynote addresses with two different options to broadcast their event: Live productions or a pre-recorded performance.

While, in the end, it all comes down to the AUDIENCE EXPERIENCE which includes:

  1. Experience- Delivering an experience that feels electric, alive, and personable to each participant while streaming from a virtual platform
  2. Engage- Engage the audience with riveting stories, exercises that support the vision and message of the keynote address, along with a spirited question and answer segment
  3. Customization- Customize the keynote address which will allow Chad to speak directly to your team in regards to metrics, branding, overall objectives, and barriers
  4. Results- Give the audience specific strategies and techniques to enhance their skill set in regards to their ability to idea generation, problem solving, and execution

Option #1/ Live Production*:

A HD production studio broadcast feed to your platform of choice which includes:

  • HD cameras allowing up to six scenes to be viewed at once:
  • Live interactions between Chad J. Willett and your team
  • Live demonstrations between Chad J. Willett and your team
  • Interviews and guest segments
  • Live audience streaming participation interaction

*Kinopicz– Chad’s production partner is Kinopicz which is located in Grandview, Ohio.

Option #2/ Recorded:

A HD recorded customized keynote address performance which includes:

  • Pre-recorded segments
  • Entertaining stories that connect to the message of the presentation
  • Customized introductions and closing remarks
  • Interviews and guest segments
  • Live audience streaming participant interaction