My Keynotes and Workshops

“You had the entire audience engaged in your presentation. We were pleased with our session, great panelists and a lot of questions from the participants.”

Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Janet Boston/ Executive Director Indiana Chamber of Commerce

“This interactive program was fantastic, and many attendees commented that they were going to put these techniques to use in the workplace. Chad is an amazing speaker with a fantastic program.”

West Carrollton Schools

Tammy Pierce/ CAP/ West Carrollton Schools

“Chad was very professional and received a lot of praise from my peers, and superiors who attended the meeting. Wonderful presentation that resonated with all of us. Thanks so much!”

Nationwide Insurance

Alex Bork/ IT Department, Nationwide Insurance

“I highly recommend Chad J. Willett as a speaker for any organization seeking an innovative approach to building confident leaders.”

Cardinal Health

Veronica N. Farris / Sr. Marketing Manager, Cardinal Health

“We had a great experience with Chad. He was really engaging and delivered an inspiring and useful message. I really think we will see the long term value from his framework.”

Direct Energy

John Williamson/ VP, Finance Direct Energy

“Your engaging performance received rave reviews for both the quality of the delivery and value of the information. Your Techniques we can all easily leverage in our roles as business leaders. Bravo!”

HBA Ohio

K.C./ President, HBA Ohio


  • “Smash The Box”

    30- 120 minutes

    Focus: Culture of Innovation

    “SMASH THE BOX” by thinking different, acting different, and developing an innovative mindset! Groups that “Smash the Box” generate game changing ideas and execute on them which gives them an advantage over their competition. Game changing ideas, unplanned collaborations, and innovative mindsets lie outside the box.  Are you ready to take thinking outside the box to the next level?

    “Smash the Box” creates a one of a kind audience experience in regards to energy, interaction, return on investment, and entertainment:

    The “Box”= Mindset: Audiences experience firsthand what it is like to escape the “4 Walls of the Mental Box*:” Fear/ Perfection/ Negativity/ Judgment.

    Transformation: By saying “Yes And” organizations will transform their culture into one of innovation.

    Entertainment: Storytelling, audience interaction, and watching short clips from TV Shows/ Films that re-enforce the vision and message of “Smash the Box.”

    Value: Audiences will learn the 4 techniques needed to “Smash the Box” at the workplace which includes breaking patterns, routines, and the concept of doing things the way they have always been done.  

    *”4 Walls of the Mental Box”- Concept created by Chad J. Willett


    • “Culture of Innovation”– Embrace a “Yes And” Culture by allowing all voices to be heard, judgment suspended, and innovation to be unleashed. 
    • Idea Generation– Generate game changing ideas in your industry which gives you a creative advantage over your competition.
    • Execution– Develop an innovation plan (Similar to a business plan) which puts your winning ideas into tangible and practical actions which leads to results.
    • “Innovative Mindset”- Reduce fear, perfection, negativity, and judgment by knocking down the “4 Walls of the Mental Box” at the workplace.


  • “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror”

    30- 120 minutes

    Focus: Managing the "Now"

    The “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” experience means living and operating in the “Now.”  Your team will discover their “Through Line” which is a transformational technique that gives them energy, purpose, direction, and the ability to operate in the “Now.”  If you are ready to leave the past behind (Depression), and stop anticipating the future (Anxiety) let’s “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror!”

    The Rip Off the Rearview Mirror experience means getting the focus off of the past, and not anticipating the future, rather working in the “Now:”

    The “Through Line:” It is built by defining your groups short term objectives and super objective to accomplish what is most important to your organization in any given year.  

    Managing the “Now:” Your team will live for the only minute they can control which is “Now.”

    Entertainment: Storytelling, audience interaction, and watching short clips from TV Shows/ Films that re-enforce the vision and message of “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror.”

    Value: Your team will experience what it is like to “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” by not living in the past, or anticipating the future, rather, being in the “Now.” 


    • Managing the “Now”– Managing the moment allows leaders to deal with issues, obstacles, and challenges as they arise each workday, rather, than putting them off.
    • “Through Line”– By contributing to your company’s “Through Line” morale will increase which leads to increased energy levels and overall production.  
    • Leaving the Past– Individuals who leave their past behind (Depression) gain an incredible amount of time and energy which allows them to refocus on what truly matters each and everyday.   
    • Anticipating the Future- Individuals who stop predicting the future (Anxiety) are able to channel those energies into their present workday.  
  • “Mindsets”

    30- 120 minutes

    Focus: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

    Mindsets focuses on developing innovative leaders who embrace a “Growth Mindset” versus a “Fixed Mindset.”  A “Growth Mindset” focuses on challenging thought processes, increasing energy levels (Both their own and their employees), and breaking patterns and routines which are the enemy of innovation.  

    The Mindsets program allows leaders to gain a competitive advantage over their competition by developing a “Growth Mindset” which is predicated on:

    Challenging Thought ProcessesInnovative leaders put their energy into learning, evolving, and growing as an employee.

    Increasing Energy LevelsInnovative leaders operate from the “Dog of Creativity” model versus the “Dog of Fear” model where they can create, innovate, fail fast, and produce extraordinary results for their company. 

    Disrupting Patterns and Routines Innovative leaders know that patterns and routines are the enemy of innovation, inspiration, and forward thinking.


    • Energy Levels– By promoting a growth mindset culture, employees will raise their energy levels which will lead to higher productivity levels, greater retention rates, and greater successes.
    • Fixed Mindset– Breaking negative thinking patterns and challenging the status quo opens the door to innovation at the workplace.
    • Creative Advantage– By challenging belief systems, generating new and original ideas that have value, and executing on these ideas allows for the creative advantage at the workplace.
    • Growth Mindset– Embracing a growth-mindset empowers employees to generate original ideas that have immense value for your organization.
  • “ENERGY”

    30- 120 minutes

    Focus: Energy Levels

    During the ENERGY program individuals learn how to stop feeding the “Dog of Fear” and begin feeding the “Dog of Courage” and the “Dog of Creativity.”  Feeding the “Dog of Fear” drains us of our energies, keeps us in a negative state of mind, and causes us to lose focus. 

    While, feeding the “Dog of Courage” and the “Dog of Creativity” gives us energy which allows for increased production, a positive outlook on life, and the ability to focus on what truly matters each and every day.

    What “DOG” will you be feeding in 2022?

    Objective #1- Audiences will reduce the impact that the “Dog of Fear” has on their ENERGY levels by not feeding it.  

    Objective #2- Audiences will increase the impact the “Dog of Courage” has on their ENERGY levels by feeding it.

    Objective #3- Audiences will unleash the “Dog of Creativity” by asking “A More Beautiful Question*” which is built on asking: Why? What If? How?

    *Warren Berger author- “A More Beautiful Question.


    • Social Media Usage– Audiences will become aware of the amount of time you spend on social media and the direct impact it has on the “Dog of Fear.”
    • “Circle of 5”- Audiences will uncover the 5 people you spend the most time with (Family/ friends/ co-workers etc.) and discover which dog (s) they are feeding.
    • “Ruining the Take”- Audiences will embrace mistakes will help you develop a game changing mindset that embraces challenges and feeds the “Dog of Courage.”  
    • “Questions”- Audiences will learn how to ask “A More Beautiful Question” (Why/ What If/ How) which unleashes the “Dog of Courage.”  
  • “Starting Fires”

    30- 120 minutes

    Focus: Communication (Non-Verbal)

    All of us should ask ourselves why we focus on the 15% of communication (Spoken Word) when over 85% of communication is communicated non-verbally.  “Starting Fires” is an immersive workshop where attendees learn how to shift their focus from the spoken word to reading and reacting off non-verbal cues.    

    “Starting Fires” focuses on these non-verbal components:

    Facial Expressions– One’s facial expressions conveys the emotions and intentions of what one truly feels when talking.  

    Body Language– One’s body language is either open, closed, or neutral.  Depending on what one’s body language shows will have a direct impact on the communication process.  

    Tone of Voice– The tone of one’s voice will affect the meaning and impact of one’s verbal message.

    Energy Levels– Energy is felt in all venues and in all forums and it is measured in intensity, not volume.  


    • Improving Communication Skills– Allowing conversations that need to be had but are avoided can happen when organizations know how to communicate both verbally and non-verbally in a constructive manner.  
    • Shifting Focus-Shifting the focus from the spoken word to what is communicated non-verbally will reduce the number of Workplace Fires.  
    • Developing Managerial Skills– Employees having the skill to read co-workers non-verbal cues will sharpen their ability to lead and manage men and women from all generations.  
    • Increasing Employee Morale– Employees feeling they are being heard and understood when communicating at the workplace will have a direct impact on improved morale and overall culture.  
  • “Unleash the Guerrilla”

    30- 120 minutes

    Focus: Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

    Unleash the Guerrilla is about daring to be different (i.e. “Smashing the Box”) with your marketing campaign, having an appetite for risks, and willing to do and try the unexpected. In short, it is about producing results that command attention, draw people in, get people talking and bring you more business.

    Advantages of “Unleashing the Guerrilla” at your organization include*:

    • Cheap to execute. Whether using a simple stencil or a giant sticker, guerrilla marketing tends to be much cheaper than classic advertising.

    • Allows for creative thinking. With guerrilla marketing, imagination is more important than budget.

    • Grows with word-of-mouth. Guerrilla marketing relies heavily on word of mouth marketing, considered by many one of the most powerful weapons in a marketer’s arsenal.


    Unleashing the Guerrilla focuses on the following marketing verticals*:

    • Experiential Marketing- Entails the creation of immersive, pop-up experiences that invites users to “talk, live, and breathe,” the brand
    • Viral Content Marketing– Word of mouth is crucial to going viral and the campaign needs to be creative and smart enough to wow your target audience
    • Undercover Marketing- Also known as “stealth marketing,” marketers disguise themselves as peers amongst their target audience
    • Treasure Hunts- Creating custom, high-quality treasure hunts is another cool guerrilla marketing tactic that can energize audiences


    *Megan Marrs- “20+ Jaw Dropping Guerrilla Marketing Examples”/ Ine Alexakis- “Guerilla Marketing Ideas: 8 Real Examples to Hack Growth”


  • “Dynamic Presentations”

    Half day and full Day Workshops

    Working America

    Be dynamic in your meeting room, board room, or virtually!  We put so much time and attention on the content of our presentation.  Yet, if we can’t deliver it in a clear and effective manner we wont connect to our audience.  All the time, energy, research, and preparation we put into our presentation will be nullified by our presentation skills.  

    Public Speaking Fear is still the #1 fear in America. And people form a perception of who we are and what we represent by the self-confidence that we show when we deliver presentations.  

    During this interactive keynote address learn the speaking strategies Chad uses to speak to a group with poise, self confidence, energy, and the ability to make instant connections.  Become a clearer, more effective presenters by improving the way you communicate non-verbally.  


    • TEDx- Learn the “7 Secrets That TEDx Speakers” use when speaking
    • Storytelling- Become a masterful storyteller by engaging your audience’s senses
    • No Notes- Give entire presentation without using notes
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming- Study the art of non-verbal communication: facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, and gestures
    • Fear- Simple techniques to reduce the fear of public speaking