My Keynotes and Workshops

“You had the entire audience engaged in your presentation. We were pleased with our session, great panelists and a lot of questions from the participants.”

Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Janet Boston/ Executive Director Indiana Chamber of Commerce

“This interactive program was fantastic, and many attendees commented that they were going to put these techniques to use in the workplace. Chad is an amazing speaker with a fantastic program.”

West Carrollton Schools

Tammy Pierce/ CAP/ West Carrollton Schools

“Chad was very professional and received a lot of praise from my peers, and superiors who attended the meeting. Wonderful presentation that resonated with all of us. Thanks so much!”

Nationwide Insurance

Alex Bork/ IT Department, Nationwide Insurance

“I highly recommend Chad J. Willett as a speaker for any organization seeking an innovative approach to building confident leaders.”

Cardinal Health

Veronica N. Farris / Sr. Marketing Manager, Cardinal Health

“We had a great experience with Chad. He was really engaging and delivered an inspiring and useful message. I really think we will see the long term value from his framework.”

Direct Energy

John Williamson/ VP, Finance Direct Energy

“Your engaging performance received rave reviews for both the quality of the delivery and value of the information. Your Techniques we can all easily leverage in our roles as business leaders. Bravo!”

HBA Ohio

K.C./ President, HBA Ohio


  • “Smash The Box”

    45-75 minutes

    Think Outside the Box... Or SMASH It?

    SMASH THE BOX by thinking different!  Acting different!  And creating a culture of innovation!   Groups that “Smash the Box” generate “game changing” ideas that gives them a creative advantage over their competition.  “Game Changing” ideas, creative plans, and cultures of innovation lie outside the box… Are you ready to take thinking outside the box to the next level?

    Smash the Box is a one of kind experience which includes:

    Generation: Groups will generate game changing ideas by focusing on one idea, suspending judgment, and collaborating during meetings

    Transformation: By saying “Yes And” organizations will transform their culture into one of innovation

    Entertainment: Storytelling, role playing, music, and watching short clips from TV/ Films that re-enforce the vision and message of “Smash the Box”

    Interaction: Audiences will experience firsthand what it is like to escape the “4 Walls of Mental Box*:” Fear/ Perfection/ Negativity/ Judgment

    *”4 Walls of the Mental Box”- Concept created by Chad J. Willett


    • Culture- Create a “Yes And” culture where everyone is involved
    • Idea Generation- Generate unique ideas that will add instant value to your meetings
    • Innovation- Innovative strategies and technique designed for working America
    • Creative Plan- Many groups have a business plan, few have a creative plan 


  • “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror”

    45-75 minutes

    No past... No future... All is now.

    Rip Off the Rearview Mirror will give you a hands on experience to live for the only minute you can control which is now. Living in the past creates depression.  Living in the future creates anxiety.  We only have this moment to discover our “Through Line” in life.  

    Rip Off the Rearview Mirror is a one of kind experience which includes:

    Self-Awareness: Discover your “Through Line” in life which gives you purpose and direction

    Escaping the “Noise:”  Escape the “Noise” by channeling all your energies on the present moment

    Entertainment: Storytelling, role playing, music, and watching short clips from TV/ Films that re-enforce the vision and message of “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror”

    Interaction: Participate in sketches and experience firsthand what it is like to “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” 


    • Control- Live for the only minute you can control which is “Now”
    • Energy- Generate energy by channeling your focus and being completely absorbed in the present moment
    • Communication- Improve communication by being present and focusing on the 93% of communication (Non-verbal)
    • Purpose- Create a “Through Line” in your life where you define your short term objectives (3 objectives/ 1-3 years) and your super objective (1 Super Objective/ 3+ years) 
  • “Mindsets”

    45-75 minutes

    Change Mindsets/ Change Leaders

    Only one thing stands between you and being a creative leader- Your mindset!  You have the ability to successfully think, look, and act like a creative leader.  Become a creative leader by challenging your inner dialogue (Think), improving your physicality (Look) and using the art of improvisation as a weapon in working America (Act).  Change your mindset and think, look, and act like a leader. 

    Thinking-Creating “inner dialogue” that is positive, confident, and embraces challenges

    Looking- Improving your posture and physicality which will allow you to command attention and own your space

    Acting- Becoming a master improviser will allow you to make spontaneous decisions with thoughtful consideration


    • Improvise- Improvising with a set of constraints is the true definition of creative leadership
    • Own Your Space- Proper posture improves one’s confidence and self esteem which allows one to take command
    • Creative Leadership- Gain a creative advantage over your competition by thinking, looking, and acting like a creative leader
    • Mentality- Take your career to the next level by attacking problems and coming up with solutions
  • “Unleash the Guerrilla”

    45- 75 minutes

    Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

    Unleash the Guerrilla is the achievement of marketing goals (e.g. profit) using unconventional methods such as investing energy and ideas instead of money. Guerrilla Marketing is a growing trend: executed correctly, it can be targeted at the people you want to turn on the most.  

    Unleashing the Guerrilla is about daring to be different with your marketing campaign, having an appetite for risks, and willing to do and try the unexpected.  In short, it is about producing results that command attention, draw people in, get people talking and bring you more business.


    Unleashing the Guerrilla focuses on the following marketing verticals:

    Social Media- Capitalizing on short, raw videos to gain visibility

    Events/ Demonstrations- Hosting live events which brings energy and excitement to your brand

    Blogs-Creating content to establish your group as an expert in your field

    Product Placements- Placing your products at events, on TV, or in social media to gain exposure

    Flash Mobs- Using your staff as actors to create one of a kind marketing campaigns

  • “Starting Fires”

    45-75 Minutes

    Focus on the 93%... Not the 7%

    “Starting Fires” focuses on the 93% of communication (Non-verbal) rather than the 7% of communication (Verbal).  This interactive keynote address focuses on our gestures, facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice during the communication process.  By shifting the focus off of the spoken word and onto our non-verbal cues the communication process transforms and improves by:  

    Transparency: Being more transparent with our words and gestures

    Relationships: Strengthening relationships by saying what you mean and meaning what you say

    Fierce Conversations: Having fierce/ difficult conversations at the workplace

    Alignment: Aligning our body language with the words we are saying


    • Focus on the 93%-Get the focus off the words and onto our non-verbal cues
    • Leave the Party of “No”- By saying “Yes And” energy levels increase which has a direct impact on one’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively
    • Stop Throwing Stones- By suspending judgments cultures go from negative to positive
    • Manufactured Realities- Escape a negative manufactured reality that creates fictitious stories with a beginning, middle, and an end


  • “Dynamic Presentations”

    Half day and full Day Workshops

    Working America

    Be dynamic in your meetings, board room, conference room or on Skype!  We put so much time and attention on the content of our presentation.  Yet, if we can’t deliver it in a clear and effective manner we wont connect to our audience.  All the time, energy, research, and preparation we put into our presentation will be nullified by our presentation skills.  

    Public Speaking Fear is still the #1 fear in America. And people form a perception of who we are and what we represent by the self-confidence that we show when we deliver presentations.  

    During this interactive keynote address learn the speaking strategies Chad uses to speak to a group with poise, self confidence, energy, and the ability to make instant connections.  Become a clearer, more effective presenters by improving the way you communicate non-verbally.  


    • Learn the “7 Secrets That TEDx Speakers” use when speaking
    • Become a masterful storyteller by engaging your audience’s senses
    • Give entire presentation without using notes
    • Study the art of non-verbal communication: facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, and gestures
    • Simple techniques to reduce the fear of public speaking