“Great Ideas” are only “Great” if they are executed upon. While, most organizations have a business plan, however, very few have a creative plan in place to put disruptive ideas into practice.

Below, is a creative plan I use with companies in the meeting room to generate disruptive ideas that can be executed (3 step process):

Identification- Chose one issue/ challenge/ obstacle you want to generate new ideas on.  For example, it could be coming up with a new product, service, or overcoming a barrier to move your organization forward.

“Text Storming”- Allow each member on your team to text his or her idea to the group leader on the issue (“Identification Phase”) you are generating disruptive ideas for.  The key here is that all ideas are heard, judgment is suspended, and everyone (regardless of title and rank) has a voice.

Implementation- Chose the idea (“Text Storming” Phase) you want to execute on by developing a plan which will allow you to put the idea into action.  The plan could include building a prototype of the idea to put it in a 3-Dimensional form or taking the idea to your managers to get candid feedback on its adoption or sharing it a companywide meeting.

Nevertheless, the idea must come to life during the “Implementation Phase,” and this is the job of the creative leaders in your organization to see how it can be executed.