We must allow ourselves the opportunity to fail in that the cornerstone for creativity is experimentation and exploration.  Creativity hinges on these two pillars and when one experiments and explores failure will undoubtedly be part of the process.  The key is to embrace failure- but do it fast! Marissa Mayer (CEO/ Yahoo) talks about the concept of “Fail Fast” where she said:

“To me failure and speed are inherently linked,” Mayer told Newsom. “Failure is totally OK. As long as you fail fast.” 

The key is to mitigate, contain, learn and move on from one’s failure.  The problem for many of us is that we stay in the failure and never move on from it- or at least not fast enough.  Failing fast allows us to try new things quickly and move on to the next idea, concept or invention even if it doesn’t work.

Imagine you and your team are in a meeting and you come up with 10 different ways to improve customer service.  Many companies would pick one or two ideas off of the list and put those ideas to the test.  While failing fast groups would try 6 to 8 of these ideas and test them in this same manner.

From a simple numbers perspective, the failing fast group has a much higher chance of creative success than the group who chose 1-2 ideas.  Creativity is like lighting in a bottle and one never knows when it is going to strike, therefore, it is imperative to try as many options as possible to have an opportunity for the great next invention, innovation, or game changing service.