Where your focus goes… Energy flows*! What do you focus on during your day- work, “to do” lists, entertainment, news, politics, stock market or a combination of these? Most importantly, is what you are focusing on meaningful, impactful, and rewarding?

Over the past two years I have tried to be laser focused on my businesses- acting studio/ motivational speaking. Every day I work off my note pad that has my top priorities (focus) for the day and as I do them I cross them off. And the more organized my notepad is, the more success I have.

My current focus is writing a second book with Leonard Hayhurst- working title “#Noise.” We write every day, trade papers every two weeks, and are aiming to finish the book later this year.

What do you focus on during your day? Week? Month? Year? If you don’t know the answers to these questions your energies are going all over the place. They aren’t directed toward any one project, cause or event and you are wasting energy.

Wasting energy is a tragedy! We have a limited amount of time during the day to accomplish our goals and objectives. However, without the proper focus we will do jobs average, we will do work half-heartedly, and not live up to our full potential.

When we focus we will get things done, accomplish more and make a difference in peoples lives. Don’t let you energy go to waste.

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*Quote- “Where your focus goes, energy flows” by Tony Robbins