Our environment has a profound impact on us. Think about the friends and family members we hang out with and the affect they have on our mood. Negative people immediately bring us down and drain our energies. Conversely, positive people pick us up and give us energy.

The same can be said for the physical environment we live in. For many of us 96% of our day we are surrounded by a square and looking at a square throughout our typical day. What are the consequences of living and working within a square:

  1. Pattern
  2. Routines
  3. Lack of creativity

The times I think the clearest and most creative are when I am outside going for a run or a walk. My ability to be out of a contained setting gives me the freedom to think different, unstructured and limitless. Rarely do I come up with a new idea for my business when I am sitting in my office starring at a computer screen, looking at an app on my smart phone or watching TV. Actually I can say with certainty never do I come up with a creative idea while watching TV.

A typical day is broken down like this:

#1- Work Time- 33% of our day

Most of us work in an office and our surrounded by the walls of a room, and for many, we are enclosed by yet another box- a cubicle. Within each of our cubicles we have a square desk, and stare at a square computer screen all day. This is 33% of our day (8 hour work day/ 24 hours in a day).

#2- Family Time- 30% of our day

When we leave work we go home and surround ourselves with more walls. We eat in a room and stare at a TV screen, or smart phone or a tablet which is yet another square. This is 30% of our day (7 hours of family time/ 24 hour in a day)

#3- Personal Time- 4% of our day

For those who have the time to go for a walk, jog or be outside this is our one chance to get out of a square environment. This is 4% of our day (1 hours of personal time/ 24 hour in a day)

#4- Sleep Time- 33% of our day

When we finish our day we go up to bedroom and lie down in our square bed and go to sleep pulling our square covers over us. This is 33% of our day (8 hours of sleep/ 24 hours in a day).

Is it any wonder why our creative abilities have diminished? Our physical environment has caused us to live predictable lives that are filled with patterns and routines? Patterns and routines are the complete opposite of creativity in that they are predictable, boring and uninspiring.