Who are your heroes in 2018: TV stars, athletes, movie stars, super heroes, models, politicians or singers?  We idolize their personalities, wealth, music, athletic abilities, looks and songs.  We ask for their autographs, go to their concerts, and watch them on TV.  However, are these the heroes we want?  Do they have the qualities that we aspire to in life?

Plato (Over 2500 years ago) used these three qualities when describing heroes and they seem as applicable then as now:


We need heroes that are humble.  I admire men and women who are successful and are humble.  Something happens when we have success, we tend to think of ourselves in a higher space and better than others.  Heroes are successful, however, they also know they are blessed (Humility comes into play) with certain talents and abilities that they can share with the world.


We need heroes that are wise.  Wisdom comes from experience, being disciplined, patient, and seeking truth.  Living in an “instant society” makes it difficult to practice discipline and patience, which make us lack quality, service, and craftsmanship.  However, those that do, will have a heroes’ quality by producing great work.


We need heroes that have a heart.  I was speaking in Michigan this week and I met a stylist at the hotel I was staying at.  He went on to tell me every Christmas that he and his wife (Also a stylist) go to the homeless shelter and give free haircuts to those in need.  This stylist has heart.

Do you have the heroes’ qualities of “Humility,” “Wisdom,” and “Heart?”

Are you ready to “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” and forget the past, stop anticipating the future, and live in the present moment?

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