Simon Sinek made knowing your “Why” very popular during his TED Talk presentation. Recently, I also heard a gentleman at Toastmasters International give a talk on his “Why” and how it changed his life.

I want to go one step further, the “Why” is important but just as important is the “Want.” What do we want out of life, our objectives (short term wants) and super objectives (long term wants)? The more clear we are on our “Wants,” the more likely we are to find happiness, success, enjoyment, and fulfillment.

Very few people take the time to figure out their “Wants” both short term and long term, and without them, we are like boats without rudders. We are lost out at sea without direction or a plan to accomplish our goals.

As I sit here writing this blog I have defined my objectives as this:

Objective- I want to be an international speaker and operate a first class acting studio

Super Objective- I want to become a politician

Yes, I can’t believe I said it, but in the back of my mind I have always thought of going into politics. This could include running for city council or a state representative position, but the idea of running for office excites me.

More importantly, clearly defining my short term and long term objectives puts me into action. Once you define your wants, all our actions go toward that goal. For example, I work all week on my acting studio and my speaking business (objective) which includes marketing, sales, performing, payroll, and coaching. I know my “Want” and I am going after it.

What are your “Wants?” Define them and go after them with all your heart and soul which will help define who you are and what you do.

Chad J. Willett (National Speakers Association/ Screen Actors Guild) is a speaker/ author/ creative expert who quotes William Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Meg Whitman, Elon Musk, Muhammad Ali and other creative geniuses in his blogs to not only think outside the box… but SMASH it.