There are many things we can do and say that are inauthentic, dis-genuine, and fake. However, we can’t fake the way we communicate non-verbally. What we think and feel will show in our non-verbal communication. Furthermore, if 93% of our communication is communicated non-verbally, then why don’t we pay more attention to it? Rather, individuals place the majority of their focus on the verbals and forget about the non-verbals.

Everything stems from our posture. If we have proper posture it is going to affect how we communicate non-verbally. Conversely, if our posture is poor so is our non-verbal communication in three key areas:

• Eye Contact

• Touch

• Voice

Proper posture will improve the way we communicate non-verbally. The first will be on our eye contact. It is difficult to make eye contact with another individual when our head is down or off to an angle. By having our shoulders back, and head upright we will be able to make immediate eye contact with all that we come in contact with.

Next, improved posture will affect the way we shake (touch) hands with individuals. When I shake hands with new acquaintances I see a direct correlation with the firmness of their shake and their confidence level. The firmer the shake the more confidence one appears to have.

Individuals that are soft spoken, shy and timid often times lack proper posture. It’s rare that I find someone who speaks loud and confident and has poor posture. Now, to say all soft spoken people have poor posture isn’t a true statement. However, this is a general statement meant to get you thinking about your volume and its connection to your posture.

Do you want to improve your posture and the way you communicate non-verbally? Get a broom rod and place it behind your back for 15 minutes with your arms down at your side. This rod will automatically align your spine, pull your shoulders back and then you can straighten up your head. When you drop the rod that is the posture you want to keep throughout the day.