Ever wonder why so few people get the label “Visionary?” This word is reserved for the elites like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Why are there so few visionaries in the world?

What is a visionary?

A visionary is someone who thinks about or plans for the future with imagination and wisdom.

Someone who has wisdom has experience, knowledge and makes good choices. Many leaders have the quality of wisdom where they learn from their prior experiences, plan for the future and make adjustments to keep their organization moving forward. Yet, they are not visionaries because a crucial piece to the puzzle is missing: Imagination.

To be a visionary, one must imagine different outcomes, scenarios, and results for the future. Dreaming and creating a different reality doesn’t come from one’s wisdom or intellect, it comes from one’s imagination. Engaging one’s imagination alters the future by injecting new ideas into discussions, streaks of inspiration into meetings, and strokes of passion into one’s work all of which are catalyst for change.

Visionless companies work hard, are disciplined and stay the course, and reward consistency. Many companies are successful in the short term, however, as time goes by new ideas run dry, morale lowers, and the in-ability to compete with innovative companies uncovers itself.

A question we need to ask ourselves is are we a visionary or are we visionless? Do we dream, think different, and plan for a different future with both our wisdom and imagination?

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