Do you live in a “Virtual Reality” or a “3- D Reality?” With all the terrible tragedies going on around us, it is essential that we take the time to re-evaluate our culture, the way we live and the way we communicate.  Many of us experience a “Virtual Reality Living” on a daily basis, which includes emailing, texting, phone calls, video conferences etc.  This type of living has deteriorated our ability to develop healthy relationships, and communicate clearly, openly and honestly.

While “3-D Living” is  being in the moment. It is communicating with your friends, family, co-workers, spouses, and students face-to- face.  It is putting the cell phone, computer or I-pad away, so we can be able to have a direct conversation with another person, connect with other human beings, and create healthy and long lasting relationships.

Whereas “Virtual Reality Living” is jumping on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram any free moment you have.  It is pulling your cell phone out at the restaurant and looking at your texts when your significant other, client and/or friend  is sitting across from you waiting for you to finish your message.  It hides our true feelings, keeps us out of the present moment, and creates a cold and distant connection with others, which is shared via a screen.

There has to be a balance between our need for technology and the need for human connection.  Technology is getting  smarter every day and is consuming more of our time and energies.  We are not robots, rather, we are human beings that need to feel feelings, express ourselves openly and honestly, and create long lasting relationships.

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* Photo by Octavian Rosca on Unsplash

** “Virtual Reality Living” and “3-D Living” are terms created by Chad J. Willett