Next time you are in a conversation sitting down take a look at your feet and notice which way they are pointed. Are they pointed toward the person you are talking too, or the door? If they are pointed toward the door (subconsciously of course) you are ready for the conversation to be over, however, if they are pointed toward the person you are talking to you are engaged and interested. I pay particular attention to my audience’s unspoken cues when I speak.

Last week I had a speaking engagement with 50 people sitting in the audience. Before I took the microphone I noticed 47 out of 50 were facing me, however, three didn’t pivot their chairs and their feet were pointed toward the door. Fifteen minutes into my keynote address those three people were disconnected from my presentation. One was looking down at a sheet of paper, the second one was looking at their phone and the third was distracted.

It was a great audience and the other 47 members were engaged, asking questions and a big part of the presentation. However, it’s interesting that the 3 members whose feet were pointed toward the door from the beginning never connected to the address.

Think about the meetings you are in at work, what does your non-verbal cues say about you and your co-workers?