A script is something that is written down and we follow.  Scripts in our daily lives include calendars, “To Do” lists, agendas, self-help books and numerous apps.  Take a look at your calendar and your “To Do” list and see how much during a typical month you are deviating off the script.  If you’re like most people, if it’s not planned (scripted) you’re not doing it.  Only the planned and scripted parts of our lives are the ones we are acting on.

The problem arises in that the unplanned events that happen in our lives are the one’s that are filled with surprise, intrigue, and excitement.  This is where the journey into the unknown begins and serves as a catalyst for one’s ability to be creative.    The question is are we keeping ourselves open to unplanned and spontaneous opportunities?  Creativity is not found on scripts or in self-help books, rather, it springs up from out of nowhere and hit us when we are least expecting it?

We have developed a culture consumed with plans and a step by step process on how to do things.  Ironically, our appetite for steps and plans may make us more productive, however, it makes us far less spontaneous.  With everything so carefully thought out and planned we become robotic in nature and lose our ability to improvise.  Like everything in life there are tradeoffs and the tradeoff for following a script is going down a path that is well traveled, lacks originality and is void of spontaneity.