The majority of companies throughout this country do not have a plan on how to idea generate in the meeting room and put these idea$ into practice.  This is where Warren Berger’s “A More Beautiful Question” come into play which provides the framework for “Smashing the Box” at the workplace.  The three questions he asks are, “Why? What If? How?”

Let us start with the “Why:”

All of us need to ask ourselves why aren’t we doing (X) at our company?  My wife and I operate Broadway2LA Acting Studio, and we are constantly asking ourselves WHY aren’t we producing more short movies (X), participating in film festivals (X) or hosting a haunted house (X) this fall and casting the actors at our studio?

When companies ask the right “Why” questions it gets employees engaged, thinking about solutions, and most importantly, it breaks their patterns and routines.  Employees who are stuck in daily patterns and routines are the same employees who are “Boxed In” in their thinking which is robbing companies of a very important asset: creative thinking.

Step Back:

During your next meeting ask your employees a “Why” question that is built on doing something new, exciting, and challenging.  You can get inspiration for your “Why” question from what your competition is doing, or question the way you deliver a product, or, perform a service.  The key is to come up with a question for your team that challenges them to think and act different.

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Credit: “Unleashing the Power of Beautiful Questions*”- Warren Berger/ “A More Beautiful Question”