I was speaking in Jackson Mississippi and I heard an architect talking about Michelangelo during his roundtable discussion. He said, what made him such an incredible artist was his ability to deliver clear and concise messages in his artwork, specifically, his sculptures.

Michelangelo would continue and continue to chip away at his sculptures until he got the image/ message he wanted to convey to his audiences. Take a look at a Michelangelo’s famous sculpture the “David” as a piece of artwork that delivers a clear and concise message of a man who is going to defeat Goliath using his superior skill and bravery.

Whenever I speak, I boil my presentations down to a single point message to be clear and concise in my work. Everything in my talk revolves around a single point, a main message I want the group to take from my talk. If the material in my presentation doesn’t support my main message I delete it and find new material that does.

How many presentations have you sat through that go on and on and have no point, no direction, and are all over the board? This is the norm for me, it is rare to hear a talk, presentation, or program that is focused, clear, concise, and revolves around a main theme or point. However, when we present, perform, create a piece of artwork we must remember that our message needs to be clear, concise and to the point if we want to make an impact on an audience.

Unleash your inner Michelangelo during your next talk or presentation by chiseling away the excess material and delivering a clear, concise, and single point message.

* Chad J. Willett is a motivational speaker, author and creative expert. He writes a weekly blog to unleash our creative energies.