I had an “Unplanned Collaboration” with Ken Lazar (Principal) at Ability Professional Staffing and he said:

“People who strive for balance in their lives are boring.” “Balance is over-rated.” “People who place total energies in either their work life or personal life for short periods of time do REMARKABLE things.”

Balance is a powerful word today, everyone wants balance: work balance, life balance, family balance etc. However, when we are out of balance in life is when we do extraordinary things. When we are obsessed with work, hobbies, or causes and direct all of our energy to it is when we become the expert in that field, receive the promotion at work, or create the next great product.

My current hobby is real estate and this has me unbalanced. My wife and I bought our first “flip” in January and the whole month of January we were working on the house: new floors, windows, tile, counter tops, repair the deck etc. We are currently in contract and we hope to close in May.

And I can’t wait to close on this house and buy another. I am trying to read, study and master the art of flipping by throwing myself completely into these projects. Some would say that it is risky and irresponsible, however, I would say it is all about energy. When people find their hobbies, interests or jobs that they love to do they gain energy and become unbalanced in life.

We need to challenge traditional thinking and doing things the way they have always been done by finding our passions and doing what we love to do. To be great or do great things being balanced isn’t going to cut it, it will take more time, energy and effort.

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