We all have that page that is extremely difficult to turn in life, that weighs us down, and is left open. The page we can’t turn includes our regrets, and more specifically, the memory with the most guilt. The more guilt we have associated with a memory the harder it is to turn that page.

The page in my life that is hardest to turn is when I gambled in LA. I love to gamble, the idea of making fast cash, competing, and the rush of winning goes through my blood. While in LA, I would go to Hollywood Casino and play “7 Card Stud/ Poker.” I had some big nights when I won, however, like most gamblers I ended up losing it all back and more. Not only did I lose money at the casino, I lost time. I would go and play poker for hours on end during the week and weekend which affected my career in acting. So, not only did I lose money, but I lost time- two valuable assets.

I turned the page on gambling by bringing it to light- talking about it. I ended my gambling addiction through prayer, self-reflection and sharing my problem with family and close friends. However, all the years I didn’t discuss my gambling I was never able to turn this page in my book of life. When we keep our regrets in the dark the page never turns.

Do you have that one memory, situation, or experience that you can’t forget? We must remember our page wants us to keep it in the dark, that is how it has power and stays un-turned. Only when we bring it to light will we turn the page and move on in life from our regrets.