If you check social media you are sure to see posts, webinars, and training sessions focusing on positivity.  While, truth can come from a positive perspective, however, it can also come from a negative, confrontational, or alternative perspective that isn’t in line with mainstream thinking.

However, we must ask ourselves, are we seeking truth or positivity? Whatever we are seeking will create completely different outcomes in our lives, especially post virus:


Positivity – Short term bursts of energy that are only fueled by positive comments.

Truth  – Sustainable energy over a longer period of time that is fueled by positive, negative and neutral comments which allows us to arrive at the truth.


Positivity – A weaker foundation that is being held up by one side of an argument, point of view, or discussion.

Truth – A stronger foundation that is being supported by multiple sides (Positive/ Negative/ Neutral) of an argument, discussion or topic.


Positivity – Capacity is limited to only positive comments or points of view.

Truth – Expanded capacity which includes taking in positive, negative, and opposing points of view.

If we want to come out of the crisis stronger, wiser, and more prepared we must seek truth and individuals who will share it openly and honestly.

Photo by Aashish R Gautam on Unsplash