At closing time, the Philadelphia 76ers sales team employees are asked to send a daily email with their 3 wins of the day.  This could be sales, conversations, helping an associate or learning a new task.

Imagine you and your team capturing three wins a day on the phone, in person, with co-workers, colleagues, or friends.  How different would your business be?  How would this change your company’s culture?

Wins could include:

Sales- Your win today could be closing a sale or selling your new product or service to a client.

Conversations- Your win today could be talking/ meeting a new client that creates a relationship based on trust, transparency, and teamwork.

Assisting- Your win today could be assisting a new co-worker adapt to your company’s culture and feeling part of the team.

Learning- Your win today could be reading a new book, or listening to a podcast.  Learning is the key to growing and capturing new ideas.

Generate “Three Wins Today” at your company and begin changing the mindset of your employees!

Are you ready to “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” and forget the past, stop anticipating the future, and live for the “Now?”

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Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash