I had just finished my keynote address for an insurance company at the Columbus Zoo when out of the corner of his eye I saw a man about 10 feet away looking at me. This man had quite a presence, at 6 foot 4, he had the build of a former wrestler. As I started to pack up my belongings the man got closer and closer to me and then I stopped and I put my hand out and said, “Hi I’m Chad”.

He didn’t shake my hand, but looked at me in the eye and paused. He then said in a soft voice, “Young man, Steve Jobs died by Ruining the Take”. I was speechless. Then he so slightly raised his hand and pointed at me with a slight grin and said “Remember that”. And he walked away.

This gentleman believed that taking chances and risks can cost you your life as it did with Steve Jobs and his bought with cancer. As I got in my car and drove back to my house I began thinking about what this man had told me a few moments ago. And here is what I think.

I believe if one truly wants to live a creative life both professionally and personally one must escape the mental prison of being in one’s thoughts and connect with one’s emotions and engage the senses. If one’s emotions remained disengaged and senses are underutilized one’s ability to be imaginative, inspirational, spontaneous are greatly diminished and thus one’s creative ability.