I presented “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” last week, and in the keynote address we talked about creating a “Through Line” in your life.  I was touched by the amount of men and women who came up to me saying that their “Through Line” was not defined.  However, now they are determined to discover it.

I am passionate about the “Through Line” because it can give men, women, and groups direction, purpose, and a common goal.  Individuals who focus their energies on the present moment live a life of experimentation, exploration, and getting things done.  And results is what it is all about, tangible results that move our world forward.

The “Through Line” is your objectives (goals- 1-3 years from now) and your super objective (Ultimate Goal- 3 + years from now) working in unison as your future unfolds.  Create your “Through Line:”

What are your short term objectives (1- 3 years):




What is your super objective (3-5 years):


Imagine placing all your focus and energies on your short term and long term goals, rather, than social media, political pundits, gurus, and all the other information that bombards us each and every day.  Transform the way you live by creating a “Through Line!”

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Photo by Marc-Antoine Dépelteau on Unsplash