1st side of a box- Perfectionism
2nd side of a box- Negativity
3rd side of box- Judgment
4th side of box- Fear

How do we get in the box? If our focus is internal (on ourselves and our issues) we are living in the mental prison/ head. Being in our head keeps us from our emotions and senses which are vital to the creative process. Imagine creativity without our emotions and our senses engaged?

Once our focus is internal we begin constructing the FOUR SIDES OF THE MENTAL BOX. Each side of the mental box has negative consequences on our ability to enter a creative state.

Perfectionism crushes creativity. To be creative one must be imperfect. Imperfection lies at the heart of creativity which includes trial and error, mistakes and embracing the mess. Perfection wants no mistakes and no mess.

Negativity negates creativity. Focusing on what is wrong with one’s situation keeps individuals trapped in their head/box. Thinking negative thoughts and words poisons the wellspring of creative thinking.

Judgment creates drama. By making assumptions about others we create a false reality that keeps us from seeking truth and clarity which is vital to the creative process.

Fear keeps us from risk taking. Playing it safe leads to mediocrity and average returns. Risk taking allows one to enter the creative space by embracing the keys to creativity: experimentation and exploration.

How do we get out of the box? We get the focus off of us and onto someone or something else. Once we shift our focus we become less cerebral and more spontaneous, impulsive and in the moment. The key is changing our focus!

What wall or walls keep you from tapping into your creativity?