We live in a time where we get “Boxed” in by labels! It appears we are our job title, nothing more, and nothing less. It is all part of branding, image control, and specializing. We limit ourselves to the job we do and the title associated with it.

Recently, my wife and I began flipping houses and it is outside my proverbial “Box of life.” I am an artist, not a real estate person. I have been told not to blog about real estate, not to put it on my website, and keep it separate from my speaking business.

Because, what could a man who has spent his whole life in the arts know about real estate? When I began flipping houses I didn’t know anything about it. I am not an expert, yet, but I am learning as I go. That is the mindset I want to embrace; learn as I go, make mistakes, experiment, explore and have successes. This is the entrepreneurial spirit we all have, we all embrace, however, for many of us it has been distinguished.

I am not promoting quitting your job, starting a new business or a side business. Rather, I am suggesting we broaden the way we think about our job and responsibilities. We can do more than our job title and this includes having meetings with people outside our department, getting involved in events that are opposite our specialization, and taking on roles that are outside our normal everyday procedures.

Because, the most creative men and women I know, don’t specialize, rather, they are open to new opportunities and experiences that are outside their job description. Are you boxed in?

Want to not only think outside the box… but SMASH it?

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