The 70/30 Rule of Communication says a prospect should do 70% of the talking during a sales conversation and the sales person should only do 30% of the talking.  That means the sales person is actually doing more listening during the sales call than anything else.

I take this rule one step further and apply it to life.  Anyone who wants to make a connection or establish a relationship with someone they value should keep this rule in mind.

When we listen 70% of the time the following happens:


By actively listening we value the person and their thoughts more than the text we are receiving during our conversation, the missed calls we want to check, or the emails that are coming in during our conversation.  We have shifted the focus off of us and onto them which gives them a feeling of value and importance to us.


Studies have shown that people who feel heard and understood are more likely to make a connection.  When we understand what people are telling us and we aren’t cutting them off a relationship begins to form.  Being heard and understood goes a long way in this digital world that we live in.


When we hear what people have to say there is less chance for errors, assumptions, and a breakdown in the communication process between the parties.  And improving the communication process alone could transform the relationships we make with one another.

During your typical conversation do you talk 70% or of the time… Or listen 70% of the time?

Photo by abi ismail on Unsplash

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