In the world of acting, knowing what your character wants (objective) is crucial when preparing a role. A character’s actions will align with their objectives, whatever their wants and needs are, their actions will follow. This holds true not only in the craft of acting, but in life.

I met an individual last week who is very focused on what he does and impacts a lot of people. I asked him what does he want, what is his objective in life? He turned to me and said, “I want to help people.” All his actions center around helping people: He is a director of a community and campus ministry, kids and teens junior academy, along with his full time job where he oversees office spaces for businesses. All his actions (job duties) align with his objective- helping people. This was not the case for me when I was in LA.

While in LA, I never defined my objectives and I lived out there for 7 years, at least, 3 years to long. I never took the time to ask myself what was most important thing for me to achieve while in LA, what did it really mean to be a professional actor. By not asking these questions and knowing what I wanted, my actions were mis-guided and I was all over the place. I waited tables, I was a substitute teacher, and occasionally an actor. My point is my objectives were not defined, clearly thought out, and my actions reflected this.

There is a direct connection between what we want, and what we do- our actions. If we don’t know what we want clearly and succinctly, we wander and drift through life. What are your objectives, are they clearly defined?

What is the one thing you want out of life, most likely, it is what is driving all your actions right now. Knowing what you want and going after it is the catalyst for change.

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