Many of us have our day/ week/ month planned out to the minute.  We have everything scheduled, however, there is only one problem.  We forget to capitalize on the unplanned moments in our life as they transpire.

Professionally speaking, we forget to plan an “Unplanned Collaboration” (An impromptu meeting with a co-worker at work) where we can idea generate with colleagues from different backgrounds and perspectives.  And these collaborations could give us the next great idea that differentiates us from the competition.   However, it wasn’t on our calendars so the next great “idea” is never launched at our company.

Personally speaking, we forget to plan and see the sunset at night when the sky is pink, purple, red and looks like a canvas Picasso painted.  Or, we forget to take a walk in the park with a loved one and hear the birds chirping, the stream running downhill, and decompressing for a long work week.   However, these events weren’t planned so we miss out on all the beauties nature has to offer.

How many sunsets have you seen this year?  Walks in the park?  Or unplanned collaboration have you had this year?  Creativity, innovation, and idea generation are off the script of life and are discovered in the unplanned moments in our life.  The question is are we strategic in creating these moments in our life and capitalizing on them.

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