Are you a perfectionist?  Do you think you are a creative person?  The majority of men and women I talk to who describe themselves as perfectionist don’t see themselves as creative.  While, those who describe themselves as imperfectionist see themselves as creative people.

It comes down to the mindset (Perfectionist/ Imperfectionist) you and I take on that will determine our creative capabilities in life.

Perfectionist Mindset:

A perfectionist mindset can do no wrong.  Mistakes are the enemy and if one is made, you hold it against yourself.  Perfectionists get things done, are very productive, think things out, and make good rational decisions.  However, creativity and innovation are usually lacking, they rarely experiment and explore which are crucial to the creative process because both require making mistakes.

Imperfectionist Mindset:

An imperfectionist mindset can be wrong, take chances, and fail.  This ability to make mistakes allows these men and women to experiment, explore, try new things, think new thoughts, and discover new products and services.  Furthermore, this mindset allows them freedom to go places they have never gone before, try things they have never tried before, and live up to their creative potential.

So, how do you change your mindset and begin allowing imperfection to happen?  Awareness is key, once you are aware of your thinking you can make changes.  The next project you tackle, presentation you deliver, or idea you execute tackle the process from a different angle.  Take off the perfectionist straightjacket and allow yourself to experiment, explore, take chances, and be wrong.  Experience the difference.

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*Photo- Yeshi-Kangrang