How much of your day are you scrolling through:

• Texts
• Emails
• Google
• FaceBook
• Any other social media mechanism

This is what consumes our hours, our day, and for some, our life. We need to take control back in our life and control the machines that are controlling us. To give hours and hours of our day to a computer and not to humans is a mistake we will look back on and regret. There are two buckets we fall into which include Scrollers and Creators.


Scrollers are people who go about their day looking and gathering information online. They are curious, inquisitive and looking for ways to spark a new idea, a debate, or solidify their point of view. Gathering information is important, reading is important, and the better we do at it the more likely we are to gain more wisdom and knowledge.

However, the problem is scrollers aren’t putting that information to work. They aren’t making something new, fixing something, or starting something. They are simply scrolling for information, gossip, news, or some source of information.


While, creators are people who go about their day looking for information to act upon. They know the importance of ideas, and know just as important is executing. However, instead of being on the sidelines and commenting on people and events, they are in the game making things happen. This could include:

• Writing a blog
• Starting a new business
• Beginning a new hobby
• Advancing their career
• Booking their next trip/vacation

Are you a scroller or a creator? Scrollers are gathering information, creators are putting that information to work.

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