Your number one competitor is status quo! Companies spend millions and millions of dollars researching their competition, yet, their fiercest competitor is inside their own walls.

When “Status Quo” wins the following happens:

Mindset- Doing things the way we have always done it is built on the premise that it has worked in the past so it will work in the future.  However, some of the practices and procedures we are using may be out-dated, inefficient, or in-effective?

Patterns/ Routines- Our patterns and routines give us comfort and predictability.  However, when we are comfortable we rarely grow, take risks, idea generate, or think different.

Energy- When we are on auto pilot we do things the way we always have.  We give just enough effort to get things done but we do no more and no less just what is needed to get the job done.

These three factors cause groups to stagnate, lose their edge, and get passed up by their competitors.

Experience the power of “Now!”  No past… No future… All is Now!

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Photo by bady qb on Unsplash