Doctors solve our health problems, lawyers solve our legal problems, counselors help solve mental problems, and leaders solve problems at work. If we re-frame our thinking and seek to solve problems rather than report them we will be seen in a different light. I have had to shift my thinking on problem solving in that I have been conditioned to bring problems up, not solve them. However, being a motivational speaker I have realized that I am paid to not only motivate, but to solve problems.

For example, one of my talks is “Starting Fires” which deals with negativity in the workplace. I reduce negativity in the workplace by focusing on internal and external fires. Internal fires include making assumptions and taking things personal (we create these in our minds), while external fires are created through poor non-verbal communication. When groups finish the keynote address they have solutions on how to reduce negativity in the workplace.

Imagine going up to your boss and instead of presenting a problem you solved it? Not only would they be impressed that you had an answer, also, their image of you would change. When I was a manager in corporate America I can’t remember a time when a member of my team came up to me with a solution rather than a problem. The more meetings we had the more problems were presented to me from my members.

All the companies I talk to repeatedly say they are looking for leaders in their organization and problem solvers.
Are you one of them?