We all have that “Dragon” (Call/ Conversation/ “To Do” item) we need to do but we put it off.  The goal is to take it on early in the morning and get it over with and behind us.  “Slaying the Dragon” does 3 things for us:

1- We avoid procrastination– When you do it first thing in the morning you don’t have time to overthink it and procrastinate.  Rather than sitting on your “To Do” list or calendar, it is gone.

2- It puts us into action– By taking immediate action you will get things done.  Your “To Do” list will shrink and results will begin appearing.

3- We stop manufacturing a false reality– You will come to realize that the “Dragon” you have been putting off wasn’t that big of a deal.  Rather, your mind made it appear that way!

The more time we give the “Dragon” the more power he acquires and eventually we avoid him.  We must stop manufacturing negative realities in our mind and be in the “Now” by “Slaying our Dragons.”

Want to “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror” and live in the present moment?

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Chad J. Willett is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur who owns “Broadway2LA Acting Studio”  He is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, Nationals Speakers Association, and a recent speaker at the TEDx New Albany, Ohio Event. 

Photo by Tubagus Topan on Unsplash

*Idea generated by Mark Dantonio- Head Football Coach Michigan State