Simplifying the battlefield is Navy “SEAL Speak” for eliminating distractions. I am reading a great book titled, “The Way of the Seal,” by Mark Devine and he says you can simplify the battlefield in two ways:

First- Know your unique offer

Second- Declutter your internal/ external environment

Let’s focus on de-cluttering our external environment.  When I am at my office (External environment) my desk it is empty.  All I have on my desk is my laptop, a yellow note pad to take notes and my cell phone.  I think in simple and clear terms when my desk is free from folders, notes, pictures, food, and all the other items that can distract us.

It is hard to operate clearly and effectively when our external environment states the opposite.  Our focus will shift and change throughout the course of the day due to the distractions and lack of organization presented in our surroundings.

Think of your desk/ office as a metaphor and it represents a battlefield.  What does your environment look like?  Are you able to simplify the battlefield (environment) and de-clutter?

SEALS “Smash the Box” … Are you ready too?

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* Photo by Chuanchai Pundej on Unsplash