To “Show Up” means one can’t always being politically correct. We live in a time when political correctness is a major barrier to showing up each and every day. The idea that we can speak our mind openly and honestly is greatly impeded by the fear that is associated with being politically in-correct.

We are fearful of the consequences of speaking our mind openly and honestly in that we may hurt people’s feelings, be on the “wrong” side of a controversial issue, or cause people not to like us. All of these issues cause fear in us, however, the need to be liked seems to be the most persuasive in staying the course and being “PC.”

The problem is when we don’t show up and speak our minds openly and honestly we aren’t authentic with ourselves and to others. Rather, being politically correct blends us in with society and all the other individuals who strive for political correctness. Being politically correct not only keeps us from showing up, it robs us of our individuality.

It also affect our ability to communicate openly and honestly in that we end up having safe conversations that rarely address the real issues, show our true colors and or our authentic point of view. If we want to be authentic, respected, and unique, we must reduce our need to be “PC” and worry more about being authentic, transparent and honest even if the results aren’t always ideal.