I am reading “Shoe Dog” which is an autobiography by the founder of Nike- Phil Knight.

“Shoe Dogs” were people who devoted themselves wholly to the making, selling, buying or designing of shoes. Lifers used the phrase cheerfully to describe other lifers, men and women who had toiled so long and hard in the shoe trade, they thought and talked about nothing else. It was an all-consuming mania, a recognizable psychological disorder, to care so much about insole and outsoles, linings and welts, rivets and wamps.

As I am reading this book I realize we all need to find the “Shoe Dog” in us! The “Shoe Dog” represents our passion, our purpose and our obsession- The one thing we can’t live without. My “Shoe Dog” is motivational speaking. I think about it all day and night: from writing blogs, to shooting videos, to updating my demo reel, and practicing new material for my presentations. It is all consuming and occupies my whole day.

I urge you to take the time and discover your “Shoe Dog” in your life. It could change the course of it. You can write it down on a sheet of paper, think about it on your walks or jogs, or seek professional help; see a counselor who can help you discover it. It doesn’t matter how you come to it, rather, what matters is that you have purpose and direction in your life by knowing what consumes you.

If you don’t have a “Shoe Dog” create one by volunteering, starting a new hobby, or joining a group or association. Somehow, find what burns inside of you; something that consumes you. Here is when you will start to feel alive.

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