When my bank account is low on funds I take it personal and I think there is something wrong with me. I ask myself why don’t I make more money? Am I lazy? Am I not working hard enough? All these questions go through my mind and I begin to doubt my talents, abilities, and self worth.

Only when I take a step back do I see that I have it wrong. We all need to make money and make a living, however, thinking this ties into who we are and the way we treat people, the relationships we create and the lives we touch is a mistake. My constant need and compulsion for money distracts me from my self-worth which comes from my teaching.

For example, I have an acting studio in Columbus, Ohio (www.broadway2LA.com) where I teach kids, teens and adult acting classes. I have had the studio for close to 9 years, and what I realize is that the money I have made from the studio pales in comparison to the opportunity I have had to make an impact on the lives of these kids and teens.

To see shy kids, and teens take the class who are introverted, who sit in the back of their classrooms and lack confidence and self-esteem is a challenge I face every year. Not only are these kids and teens gaining basic acting skills, they are gaining confidence, self-esteem and a feeling of self-worth. That is what it is all about to me now at this point of my life, instilling in these students confidence, self-esteem and introducing them to the craft of acting.

Whether we are in a classroom, board room, conference room, office, patrolling the streets, or working at a construction zone we all have an opportunity to impact someone’s life through our interactions and the relationships we create. The problem is we minimize the importance of relationships and interactions and think how we interact or treat people really doesn’t matter. However, what these kids and teens have taught me in the studio is that it does matter, a lot.

What is more important to you, your net worth or self-worth?

Chad J. Willett (National Speakers Association/ Screen Actors Guild) is a motivational speaker who quotes William Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Meg Whitman, Elon Musk, Muhammad Ali and other creative geniuses to challenge traditional thinking, the status quo and other barriers that keep us from creating and innovating.