Our thought processes are shaped by our search engine tendencies. What you search for on Google/ Facebook or any other online site tracks our every movement and puts together an algorithm of our tendencies. For example, if you like to buy gold coins and visit those websites you will see banner ads on your social media pages for gold coins.

However, it goes deeper than just our buying habits. Many of us rely on social media for our news, or a major broadcaster (ABC, FOX, NBC, CNN), and that is what shapes our opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. For example, we rely on FaceBook to give us objective opinions on our political leaders, world events, and an array of issues going on in 2017 which influences the way we think.

And that is the key word, influence. For many, if this is the only source of news one receives not only does that medium influence our thoughts, beliefs, and opinions on a range of issues, it determines it.

What I do to break my “Search Engine Mentality” is find news outlets that are anti “main-stream.” I am looking for opinions on the world that are outside of social media and the main stream media to give me different perspectives and contrasting points of view. For example:

Alternative Media Source- http://www.zerohedge.com/

Now, many of these anti main stream media outlets have their own agenda, however, it does give me a different point of view as I form my opinions. I have no connection or tie to this site, I only share it to show you how different this site is compared to “Main Stream/ Social Media:”

Men and women who I respect are able to see and debate both sides of an issue, contrasting points of view and then make thoughtful decisions. If we want to think different we need information and sources that gives us opposing views which will allow us to break free from the “Search Engine Mentality.”

Want to not only think outside the box… but SMASH it?

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