I don’t know about you, but I am always in a rush. Going from meetings to meetings, taking calls, making calls, getting to and from work and the list goes on and on. What are the consequences of rushing personally and professionally?

First, when we are in a rush we are rarely in the moment. Rushing from one activity to the next keeps us thinking about the future and out of the present. Think about the times you are rushing from one meeting to the next, or one call to the next, are you really present and engaged? I know for me the answer is no, I am partially engaged and present, but not fully there.

Second, when we are in a rush we are anxious. Being in a rush increases one’s anxiety. The idea of always having to be somewhere and having limited time in one’s current situation causes extra stress. It’s hard to relax and be present when we know the clock is ticking and we have to move on to our next event.

Third, when we are in a rush our relationships suffer. Getting to know someone on a deeper level goes by the wayside as the clock ticks and we have to move on to our next activity. Rather than establishing relationships with those we come in contact with, we treat them as transactional encounters hoping to close the deal, finish the project, and communicate the most important point to them in the shortest amount of time- whatever that point/ order may be.

Multitasking, being efficient and getting things done increases our productivity and allows us to feel a sense of accomplishment during the day. However, the impact we will have on others will be limited due to the limited amount of time we gave them during our encounters.