When we run with the herd we don’t think original thoughts, push the boundaries, innovate or create. I run with the herd and my goal is to separate from it and think independent and original thoughts which are the catalyst for creativity! I am reading a book titled, “Think Like a Freak” and this quote caught my attention:

“The first step is to appreciate that your opponent’s opinion is likely based less on fact and logic than on ideology and herd thinking. If you were to suggest this to his face, he would of course deny it. He is operating from a set of biases he cannot see.” Daniel Kahneman- Behavioral Psychologist

This is me in regards to my voting habits at the polling booth. When I get to the polling booth I am not voting for the most qualified candidate, the one who embraces change, rather an ideology I ascribe too- the Democratic Party.

For years I have voted on party lines and I didn’t know one candidate from another and voted blindly for a candidate that was in my herd. One could argue that those candidate share my values, beliefs, and visions on certain issues, however, this is exactly what “herd thinking” wants us to believe. It is not based on facts and logic, rather, an ideology. How do I know if they believe in what I believe in if I don’t do research?

Two years ago I stopped voting blindly for all democratic candidates and began voting across party lines. The few candidates I knew I voted for, and if I don’t know either candidate I would leave that part of the ballot blank. Recently, more and more of my ballot has been blank. Currently, I see myself as an independent that votes both Democrat and Republican, for me, this is a way to break free from the herd and vote for the most qualified man or woman.

Politics is the epicenter for herd thinking, it is any surprise that we have two major parties for a country of 318 million people? Really, two parties represent 318 million people that is diverse, cultural, and the melting pot for the world? The question isn’t whether we are a Democrat or a Republic, the question is do we vote on logic and reason or on an ideology?

Do you run with the herd?

* Chad J. Willett is a motivational speaker, author and creative expert. He writes a weekly blog to unleash our creative energies.