The definition of a routine is as follows:

regular, unvarying, habitual, unimaginative, or rote procedure (

Routines are regular and unvarying in that they do not change from day to day.  Remember the McDonald’s commercial of yesteryear when a catchy slogan said “Get up, go to work, come home, go to bed” and this chant was repeated over and over again.  This is exactly what our routines do for us, they do not change.

Routines are unimaginative.  There is nothing creative, spontaneous, exciting, or off script as we follow our daily routines. Our imagination is full of color, life, along with endless possibilities that we can generate in our mind and in our actions.  While routines are black and white in nature and do not change from day to day or week to week activities.

Routines are rote procedures.  Think back to college and the amount of information you had to memorize by rote?  Was there any imagination or creative thinking involved?  No, it was a regurgitation of information that we brought back up to pass a test and then we forgot shortly after.

If we are to get off the script of life and become spontaneous, innovative, and creative we must dismantle our routines.  All of us have a structure and a pattern we follow during our typical day, however, if it never changes from day to day or week to week it’s easy to see why we are prisoners to our routines.

Breaking routines could include driving a different route to work, changing the structure of your day by doing your afternoon activities in the morning, taking walks during your lunch, or eating different meals for lunch.  Breaking just one routine a day will get off the script and allow us the opportunity to be more spontaneous and creative in our daily practices.